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  Release Date: Oct 27, 2020
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Infinity Train Season 2 Synopsis:

The accomplish is an perky anthology, set just about a seemingly endless train traveling through a barren landscape; the cars of the train contain a variety of bizarre and fantastical environments. The train picks occurring passengers who have unresolved emotional issues or trauma; as they travel through the train’s cars, their adventures offer them the opportunity to defer and resolve their problems. Once they have unadulterated their issues, they are dexterous to depart the train and recompense quarters.

The first season focuses approximately Tulip Olsen, a girl traumatized by her parents’ recent divorce; upon her journey through the train, she is together together along with a dismayed robot named “One-One” and Atticus, king of the corgis. She eventually uncovers many of the train’s secrets and confronts Amelia, a passenger who has usurped the role of Conductor from One-One and tried to believe on counsel of the train rather than resolve her trauma from her husband’s death; serve on desertion the train, Tulip persuades Amelia to endeavor to become accustomed to the changes in her energy.

Infinity Train Season 2 Also Known As:

El tren infinito | Infinity Train | Trem infinito | El tren infinito | El tren infinito | El tren infinito | Бесконечный поезд | El tren infinito
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