Rampage (2018)

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Rating: 9.0/10 (10 votes cast)

  Release Date: Apr 13, 2018
  MPAA Ratings: PG-13
  Genre: Action, Adventure

  Runtime: 107 min
  Country: United States
  Language: American Sign Language, English, Spanish


Rampage is a 2018 American science fiction being film directed by Brad Peyton, and loosely based going taking place for for the video game series of the same pronounce by Midway Games. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin kerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It follows a primatologist named Davis Okoye who must team going on taking into account George, an albino gorilla who turns into a raging physical of big size therefore of a rogue experiment, to decline two added mutated animals, a gray wolf and an American crocodile, from destroying Chicago. Primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent silverback gorilla who has been in his care since he was young. When a greed-fueled corporation’s genetic experiment goes awry, George and other animals across the country are mutated into aggressive supercreatures who destroy everything in their path. In this adrenaline-filled ride, Davis tries to find an antidote, not only to halt a global catastrophe but also to save the fearsome creature who was once his friend.

VN:F [1.9.16_1159]
Rating: 9.0/10 (10 votes cast)
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Rampage, 9.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  Director: Brad Peyton
  Writer: Adam Sztykiel, Carlton Cuse, Ryan Engle, Ryan J. Condal
  StarCast: Aaron Gillespie, Adam Lavender, Adam Mengerink, Adam Sztykiel, Alan Boell, Alex T Love, Allyssa Brooke, Andrea Antonio Canal, Andrew Morgado, Andy John Roesgen, Anthony B. Harris, Anthony Collins, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, Arnold Chun, Aurora Karine, Ben Belay, Bernard Dowdell, Brad Spiers, Breanne Hill, Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson, Bruce Blackshear, Camden Haydon, Carleigh Johnston, Chase Anderson, Chris Murphy, Christine Albright, Christopher Doss, Clifford Gay, Connie Hollins, Daniel Craig Baker, Danny Le Boyer, David An, David Dunston, David Oelert, Demetri Landell, Demetrius Grosse, Denitra L. Gaines, Destiny Lopez, Devon Mckelvin, Diezel Ramos, DJames Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Earl David Jones, Emelita T. Gonzalez, Eric Ian, Ethan Stormant, Freddy Moyano, Gary Weeks, Gavrielle Anne Fontanilla, Giota Trakas, Gregory Hoyt, Henardo Rodriguez, Ibrahim Dumbuya, Igor Burda, Jack Quaid, Jake Lacy, Jamin Thompson, Jasmine Bolton, Jason Gerrard, Jason Liles, Jason Sloss, Jatone Smith, Jeff Baird, Jeff Stenzel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Medina, Joe Manganiello, Joel Nathaniel, Joey Thurmond, John Crow, John D. Gordon, John Gettier, Keith LeCreed Harris, Kimber Closson, Lane Carlock, Laura Distin, Lexston Bearss, Mac Wells, Malin Akerman, Maria Arcega-Dunn, Marley Shelton, Martin Feigen, Mason Pike, Matt Gerald, Matthew Ewald, Michael David Yuhl, Naomie Harris, P.J. Byrne, Paul Ron Cruz, Perry Zulu Jr., Pete Burris, Phil Madura, Rafaela Ochoa, Rekkhan, Robert Tinsley, Robin Meade, Rosalind Morgan, Ross Philips, Shannon Halligan, Shaun McMillan, Sierra Nicole Krug, Skye Notary, Stephen Dunlevy, Steven Dutton, Suzanne Cotsakos, Tahseen Ghauri, Tamica Wiley, Terrance P. Carson, Timothy Carr, Timothy D. Montjoy, Tony Comrie, Travis Thompson, Urijah Faber, Valentina Latyna Plascencia, Valoria Robinson, Van Marten, Wendy Yang, Wes Weems, Will Yun Lee, Willow Notary, Zion Bly
  Producer: Beau Flynn, Brad Peyton, Dana Robin, Dany Garcia, Darin Read, Dwayne Johnson, Hiram Garcia, Jeffrey Fierson, John Rickard, Josh Mack, Marcus Viscidi, Michael Disco, Ozzie Scott, Richard Brener, Toby Emmerich, Wendy Jacobson
  Company: 7 Bucks Entertainment, ASAP Entertainment, Flynn Picture Company, New Line Cinema, Twisted Media, Wrigley Pictures

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